Open Doors

Opportunity arrives in all forms. Be prepared for and open to possibility. Advertisements

Baseball Season Arrives

Balls, bats and bases will be in our faces until winter. Which obviously means baseball season opened yesterday. For lovers of the sport, or lovers of awesome women, start the season with this… Continue reading

Meet: Bonita Inza

Who inspired you as a child? My Mom. She was a young single mother raising 3 kids. To make ends meet, she worked as a secretary by day and a cocktail waitress by… Continue reading

On Accepting Myself

Brick shithouse. This has always been my mom’s loving way of saying that I’m built.  Solid.  Strong.  Unshakeable.  I’m not going to lie.  I can’t really tell you exactly what a brick shithouse… Continue reading

Meet: Danielle Elias

Most rewarding part of your job? The grand scheme of things. We give a voice to those who don’t necessarily have it. If there’s one person having an issue with the system, like… Continue reading

Geisha Assassin

Her biggest strength portrays as her biggest weakness. Wearing a kimono, she appears delicate and devout; she seems vulnerable. This misleading characteristic only enables better access for a close-range kill. She is a… Continue reading

A Love Affair with Science

I was seven years old. It was nearing Christmas, and, as with any other Christmas, my mom wanted a list of things I wanted from Santa.   I already knew that the Santa… Continue reading

Overcoming Fears: Judgement

Overcoming Fears: Darkness

Overcoming Fears: Graveyards