Post Trauma

Abby Forshey and friends before TraumaTrauma without a doubt was an unforgettable experience. Not only for newcomers, like myself, but also for those who attend every year. Energy was flowing rapidly through the entire venue throughout the night. It was easy to see that everyone in attendance felt comfortable sharing this energy and seeing how far they could take it.

The night began with the deep bass of Tribe Noire. This gothic group of belly dancers set the tone for the night and had everyone ready to party. After the swiveling of the hips, Button and her Notions put on an upbeat pirate-themed swinging performance. These performers tested gravity with their flips and spins. And after they were done flying through the air it was easy to find them mingling with all of us on the ground.

The most eye-opening experience, for me, was the suspension act. These performers had piercings through their backs and knees that allowed for hooks to suspend them. It appeared to not pain them at all, even though we could all see the stretching of their skin from the pull of gravity. A couple of the acts involved blood running down their bodies, but it was a pain they welcomed and felt often. Watching this piece helped me understand the different forms of eroticism people have for themselves. It was nice to see an act like this normalized to some degree. Making an experience like this one seem less taboo was refreshing.

The personal atmosphere the performers created with the audience made Trauma seem like less of a showcase and more of a together experience. Toward the end of the night a costume contest was held and anyone was free to jump up on stage and show what he or she had to offer. The entire Trauma community was welcoming and comfortable. It was a beautiful weirdness that I would gladly experience again and again. Trauma isn’t just for those with a fetish, but for those who want to experience a fetish openly. The event held no pressures for the audience, but it did provide a learning experience.

We all crave different forms of eroticism and Trauma can help us feel safe about our desires. All people should make the trip to this event if the opportunity is given. We can always use a change once in a while, and Trauma is a positive way to experience it.




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