First Look at Columbus’ Halloween Fetish Party

Trauma Trauma If you haven’t heard of Trauma yet, you’re surely missing out. Columbus has a Halloween Fetish Party every year, and it’s just freaky enough. Hosted on October 31 and November 1 at Bluestone, Trauma involves anything from aerial acts to psychosexual terror rooms. There is truly something for everyone!

 This showcase allows for the general public to involve themselves in any type of fetish that might interest them. It’s a safe place to enjoy and learn of different fetishes, as well as reach out to people just like you. Fetishes are often looked at in a negative light, but Trauma allows for a more positive look into the amazing fetish world. The following are just some of the fetishes we will see this year. Enjoy!


Trauma is having a suspension performance on both nights and it will surely turn some heads! Suspension involves humans hanging from hooks through their recently pierced skin. The act is very erotic and exciting for those involved. It is done by experienced piercers and the people being suspended know what they’re in for. Many people enjoy this rush of erotic pleasure and pain. Suspension allows for people to understand the thin line between pain and pleasure and shows viewers that these sort of sexual acts aren’t nearly as taboo as many may think.

15 Psychosexual Terror Rooms
These rooms are remaining a mystery for spooky effects. They are brought to you by BLISS and are by invitation only. Keeping these terror rooms as a mystery makes them like the forbidden fruit and we all know how hard that is to resist. Can’t wait to find out what these rooms possess!  

House of Bacchus

This is a band that, according to the Trauma website, expresses “sensual liberation through ancient ceremonial rituals.” This is also for invitation only viewers. Though this doesn’t seem as mysterious, this band is still putting off the exotic vibes. These ancient ceremonial rituals could involve anything from fire to scarring practices. Whichever route they take we know they will be sexually painful.


The aerial production is one of the lighter pieces Trauma puts on. These aerialist move and handle themselves in such a graceful way that everyone is sure to enjoy the show. The muscle and control these people have over their bodies is sure to make viewers envious and amazed. Hopefully Trauma can add a little spice into the mix to keep all of us entertained and on our toes. Even though the aerialist are less likely to be flying through the air and more likely to be on a pole, the act will still be one we can’t keep our eyes off of.  

Viva Valezz & the Velvet Hearts

This burlesque troupe is one in a million. They have been voted by a Columbus magazine as a top dance institution and they certainly deserve it. These women are an open and sexually freeing inspiration. Their performance will, without a doubt, be upbeat and exciting with a splash a feminine power to get us all dancing with them.


There will be two different bondage events at Trauma this year: one involving ropes and smaller restraints and another involving much more restriction and obedience. The more intense bondage performance appears to involve a plastic wrapping of the entire body in order to make movement extremely difficult. These experiments will be very trying for those involved, but they will also be done safely so that no one goes through any suffering.

You can purchase tickets for Trauma at the door, for $25.


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