How Has Sexiness Changed?

How Has Sexiness Changed?

Sex and sexiness are constantly changing. Most would agree that this is for the better, but many would not.

With the world moving as quickly as it is, it would make no sense for one of our most basic interest to not move with it. Sexiness is freeing and opens up the mind for endless possibilities.

We can embrace this movement. Every single human can agree that throughout life, many times, sex is the question or the answer. In this instance, it indeed is both again. So let’s ask the question and find the answer.

Sex? Sex.

It seems to me, that with every passing day, it is becoming more and more acceptable to be promiscuous.

“A whole series of signifiers are linked to connote a new, liberated, contemporary sexuality for women; sex is stylish, a source of physical pleasure, a means of creating identity, a form of body work, self-expression, a quest for individual fulfillment,” according to Sexed Up: Theorizing the Sexualization of Culture, by Feona Attwood.

This is awesome for our generation, but it hasn’t always been this way. In our grandmother’s time, promiscuity was very hidden. That’s not to say that people were not promiscuous, but they definitely didn’t show it or talk about it nearly as openly. Clothing covered a lot more skin, but most options extenuated a small waist and large hips.

And then in our mother’s generation, the high-waisted option still continued, but the shoulders definitely began to be extenuated too. Having larger shoulders gives the illusion of a smaller waist and therefore larger hips. Large hips have always been considered sexy because it offers that the female is mature enough to produce children, and therefore attracts males. Clothing is a very popular way for women to express their promiscuity.

This is especially obvious among today’s celebrities. The costumes made for performers, such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Miley Cyrus, require less fabric and more cut-outs.

Has skin become the main attraction for sexiness? I would say the answer is yes.

Where can we go from here though? If our role models are already basically naked, i.e. Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, we can’t show any more skin without being completely nude. Maybe our grandmother’s generation will come full-circle and more coverage will be in again?

I don’t think more skin is always negative though. Promoting healthy skin and ways to protect our skin is a positive thing for our over-tanned generation.

These role models are also promoting fitness, with their exposure. They aren’t rail thin; they are muscular and in incredible shape.

A fit female has become the new it-girl.

Somewhere in between thin and curvy the ideal female has emerged. With healthiness and strength being the new sexy, maybe there is hope after all.

Sexiness doesn’t just involve the body though. Even our conversations have become more sex-related. Talking about sex has become easier for our generation.

Among our community, sexuality is slowly, but surely becoming popular and acceptable. It is hopeful that these strides towards complete sexual freedom will continue.

So why are we more promiscuous? Is media the main reason? What does the generation above ours have to say about this? And is it true?

Abby Forshey

Aspiring Sex Therapist Abby Forshey loves discussing relationships, sexuality, and empowerment for the modern female.  She talks about such issues in her column for OutLoud, Ask Abby. Seeking advice? Don’t hestitate to Ask Abby.