The Worst (Best) Thing Happened

The Worst (Best) Thing Happened

By Lisa Berry


The Fear

Whatever I’m about to do, I’m sure I’m about to do it wrong. When I do something in front of other people, everything I know seems to leave my brain. A couple weeks ago I was with a group of friends and we were making individual pizzas…and I had to ask someone how to put on the cheese. I’m the girl in the corner of a party that you see playing on her phone and ignoring everybody. It doesn’t mean I’m a bitch; it means that I’m terrified of everyone.

It might then be a surprise that I’m a comedian, but I love it. I love writing jokes, I love writing sketches, I love performing sketches. The one thing I don’t love is standup. Standing on stage, talking about my life, hoping people will find me funny… that’s terrifying to me and it shows. I stand motionless on stage, leaving the mic in the stand (I’m afraid if I’ll take it out of the stand wrong), and grasping it for dear life waiting for my time to end.

The Challenge

I recently was at a comedy competition and did my first confidence challenge: take the mic out of the mic stand. That’s it. Simple, right? A 3 year old can do that. I summoned what courage I possessed, walked on stage, and grabbed the mic.

And the cord fell out.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to jam the two halves back together. It probably lasted about 10 seconds, but felt like a lifetime.  Mercifully, an audience member eventually took pity and walked on stage to help me. It was mortifying. My fears were completely founded.

The Outcome

It didn’t matter. I made a quick joke about it, and everyone moved on. I even advanced to the next round. It might have helped people remember me – or got me some pity votes.

The point is, the worst thing that could have happened, happened. And it was fine. Nobody died, nobody threw tomatoes at me, nobody revoked my membership as a member of the human race. That’s the lesson I’m taking away from my first confidence challenge, small as it may be.

Lisa Berry is a local stand up comedienne. Check out her upcoming shows on her website. 

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