It’s Called Womenomics.

Empowerment is more than a noun. Givable, receivable, contagious, empowerment inspires action.

“Be persistent. Don’t make it a gender issue; I believe it’s an issue for all of humanity,” Katie Koch, Senior Portfolio Strategist and Chief of Staff at Goldman Sachs Asset Management said during a presentation, “Womenomics,” hosted by The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio and YWCA Columbus.

She has a point.

Many studies confirm that there are anywhere between 50 and 100 million women missing from the planet. Reasons differ, from selective abortions in China, to inferior healthcare in India, to slavery, a $35 billion global industry.

“This is a moral dilemma we are all responsible to act on,” Koch said.

Although a compelling argument, the moral impact of empowering women is often not enough to sway pockets. Enter: investment opportunity.

It’s called womenomics.

Investing in women and girls not only battles a moral crisis, but “has one of the highest ROIs an organization can achieve,” Koch said.

According to research and insight by Koch and Goldman Sachs UK, emerging markets will be key drivers of global growth. Investing in women and girls could drive global growth and reduce poverty. Therefore, women with increased bargaining power should create investment opportunities.

Wait. What?

Essentially, giving women and girls economic opportunity could be the solution to global affliction.

Goldman Sachs, for example, initiated the 10,000 Women project in 2008, a $100 million global initiative to “provide underserved female entrepreneurs with business education, mentors and valuable networks.”

Results from 10,000 Women found that women who received training from this program started small businesses which impacted their families, their communities, and their nations.

Locally, efforts from organizations such as The Women’s Fund and YWCA create this change. They empower women and girls by providing opportunity.

As challenging as it appears to change the world, is easier than one might imagine.

Create opportunity for women. Become an agent for social change. From complimenting daughters and sons the same way, to getting involved with an organization like The Women’s Fund or YWCA, to mentoring women, changing the world is an attainable goal in which anyone can be involved.

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