When You’re the Only One


When You’re the Only One, hosted by WELD, begins tonight at 5:30. I love intersectional, inspirational, and important topics like this one. Topics about diversity, inclusion, and being a minority, are relevant and vital to success of individuals as well as businesses.

I’m especially excited to hear panelist Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs discuss her accomplishments through adversity. Years ago, before she was appointed to be chief, I spoke with her about her journey as a woman rising through the ranks in a public safety sector. With strong work ethic, confidence, and tenacity, Kim became the leader she is today. She inspired me, and will surely inspire dozens more tonight.

I also heard Major General Deborah A. Ashenhurst speak this year at a women’s conference hosted by the Westerville Chamber of Commerce. Energetic and charismatic, Deborah touched on the topic of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. I’m hoping to hear her elaborate more this evening.

Messer Healthcare Vice President Teri Slick, and Fifth Third Securities Vice President David Tiggett are two names I have not had the pleasure to meet or hear speak, however, WELD selects highly capable and credible panelists for their events. The anticipation to learn about their tribulations and triumphs builds every minute.