Taking the Stage at ComFest

As a ComFest and local music novice, I asked local music blogger, contributor to Live Local and founder of Columbus Avenue, Josh Weiker to give me the details about what not to miss this weekend. Equally important and just as fascinating, read Josh’s ComFest Survival Guide as well as his 2013 ComFest After Party recommendations, and seriously… try something new this weekend. 


Taking the Stage at ComFest

Written by Josh Weiker
Photos Provided by Columbus Avenue 

   Well kids, it’s that time of year again – time to drink up, let your hair down, and decide just how far you are willing to go along with the ‘clothing optional’ environment found in Goodale Park in late June. I am of course talking about Comfest, the annual Community Festival – full of music, crafts, hippies, partial nudity, and an absolute gallery of all kinds wackiness galore.

     Among the zoo-like atmosphere, will be a number of local food vendors, merchants, artists, and workshops. While you could easily spend the day eating, drinking and people-watching, I recommend getting up, taking on the crowds and seeking out some of the amazing talent that will be on display this weekend.

     Like most things in life, parties are so much better when you get some awesome ladies involved – and Comfest is no exception. Here are just a few of the amazing local women that will be rocking the stages at Comfest this year.


Maza Blaska – 2:45 pm – Bozo Stage
     Get your Comfest started right with local favorites Maza Blaska (hopefully you can get out of work early – just say you’re sick or something). Whether playing as a two-piece or as a multiple-piece band, Maza Blaska brings an onslaught of heavenly harmonies and dance-inducing catchy tunes.
If you get out to catch this set, it shouldn’t take you long to notice Sam Corlett – she’s the one playing mandolin, glockenspiel, and any number of percussive instruments; and then there are her gentle yet powerful vocals. Her sounds could easily cast you away in a daydream, but pay attention – you’re going to want to enjoy every bit of this set.

Maza Blaska

Intro to Belly Dance Body Movement – 4:00 pm – Healing Arts Stage
     Instructed by Janaan al Jahanni… because even if you aren’t going to be a bellydancer, there is something worth learning here.
Wonder Twin Powers – 9:00 pm – Gazebo Stage
     Jenny Flory
Black Eyed Betty – 12:00 pm – Bozo Stage
     Amee BellWanzo **Black Eyed Betty always plays at the Columbus Race for the Cure, and are the founding band of Columbus Rocks the Cure, which raises funds to fight against breast cancer. 
Megan Palmer and Larry Cook – 12:15 pm – Solar Stage
     Megan Palmer
The Salty Caramels – 2:35 pm – Gazebo Stage
Mary Lynn, Morgan Treni, Annalisa Ventola – 5:05 pm – Solar Stage
The Girls! – 5:30 pm – Off Ramp Stage
G. Finesse & the NS – 9:00 pm – Bozo Stage
    If you are seeking more of a hip-hop/funk/soul sound, then look no further than G. Finesse & the NS. This group provides the rare experience of live instrumentation within the realm of hip-hop. Go ahead and listen to each part, the bass, drums, guitar, horns and vocals – it is insanely tight and clean while maintaining its ever-explosive nature and intensity.
    The lovely Miss Sara D’s gorgeous voice provides a perfect balance of smoothness alongside emcee G. Finesse’s staccato rhymes. She is sweet, sexy and oh so seductive;  vocally and physically. This show is gonna be hot, their sets always get crazy, and the Saturday night closing act on the Bozo Stage is an all but guaranteed high-point of the weekend’s festivities.
G.Finesse & the NS
The Dewdroppers – 9:00 pm – Gazebo Stage
The Dewdroppers are a fantastically fresh-sounding local band that is enveloped with uniqueness, intoxicating enjoyment, and phenomenal musicianship. It is almost as if the genres of ragtime and soul had a baby, which then took those awesome genes, and grew up with all kinds of attitude and party-evoking abilities.
An integral element of the Dewdroppers is the most wonderful Counterfiet Madison – If you are going to see any of these incredible women (or indeed anything at Comfest), this is the one that you surely do not want to miss. Outstanding vocals, ridiculous talent on the keys, and a stage presence that will blow your mind, send chills across your body, and tap directly into your soul. Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s really, really good. Go, listen, get happy, and dance … it’d be a shame if you didn’t.
Audrey & Orwell – 12:40 pm – Solar Stage
Angela Perley – 5:00 pm – Gazebo Stage
     **I listened to Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons this week, and am intrigued by their sound. Angela Perley is the ‘no apologies,’ ‘out loud’ women, that conveys personality and experience through song. If you can’t make it to this show on Sunday, witness Angela Perley at Skully’s on Friday night.
Mojoflo – 7:00 pm – Jazz Stage