Morgan & the Masterpiece

Morgan Treni, a vivacious, free-spirited singer, and I had drinks Tuesday night. Among the glamour of The Pearl, our bubbly beverages, and the bustling dinner rush, Morgan gave me something.

She gave me something I didn’t know I needed: a reminder that life is beautiful.

It’s a Masterpiece. Being around someone who clearly and openly loves themselves and life gave me perspective of how I’ve been living. I realized that somewhere on this passion-driven path, I lost the appreciation for adventure. I celebrate life in small ways every day, of course, by honoring and supporting people who make the world great. But creative writing, the love affair which nurtures my life, slipped through the cracks.

Morgan is strategic, but she’s also comfortable figuring it out as she goes. If she needs a change of scenery, she hops in her classic, blue Volvo and hits the road. At her core, she’s a storyteller, and when she talks, you want to listen.

As a brilliant and creative approach to ending a dining experience, The Pearl gives patrons their check in a novel. Ours was fittingly called “Masterpiece.” After a beautiful conversation and sharing gratitude with each other, this book was a poetic end to our evening.

On our walk back to my car, I saw that an old friend, Giovanni, relocated his art studio, Blank Walls R Gross, to the Short North. After the compelling conversation with Morgan, I had to go in and introduce them. This is what happened.

IMG_0770 IMG_0772

Because of her genuine, open personality and wise conversation, being present in an evening with Morgan is an experience I’d be stupid to forget, seriously. Therefore, I’d like to share it with everyone I can. Being mindful and open changes your experience with life. Being true to yourself leads to fulfillment. Being open for conversation and for new friends changes your perspective.

There’s much I gained from a conversation with Morgan. I hope many more have the opportunity to chat with her.


Written by Rae Reed