Meet Amy D

Meet local crafty person and owner of  Made by Amy D, Amy Dalrymple Murphy.

Amy D and Heather showing off their handmade coffee sleeves.

Amy D and Heather showing off their handmade coffee sleeves

What inspires your crafts?

We are inspired by what we need and healthy dose of irreverence.

Amy D Cardinal Beer Apron

What are your favorite items to create?

My personal favorites are coffee sleeves and the new badges. (Of course I love making all of our goods!) They are ultimately satisfying because I have a tiny space to work with and it allows me to be creative within a framework. Also, it’s a job with immediate results. We did change some of our listings online to say something like “Warning: possibly offensive content ahead” which makes it even more fun. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or whatnot, so even when we are trying to be bawdy, we never use hateful language or ideas.

Ohio Unicorn Coffee Sleeve

How would you describe the personality of your brand?

Sassy, irreverent, enthusiastic

wtf coffee sleeve

How did you overcome challenges in promoting your shop?

At first, I really struggled with this. I’m pretty outgoing and have a casual personality. I could promote the crap out of someone else’s work. But when it comes to ours, I’m suddenly awkward and pitting out with sweat due to unease. While it’s funny to watch or think about later, it really sucks at the time.

I really believe in our goods though. We make solid stuff, and I think it does make people happy. I mean, it’s hard to be a pushy jackass when you are using a coffee sleeve with a unicorn on it. I still get nervous and all that, but it’s lessened. When I get freaked out, I put my head down and keep making making making and not worry about the selling aspect.

I also think it’s important to not become too emotionally dependent on people liking what you make. I mean, Heather and I have a special category internally that we call, “Special person.” As in “It takes a special person to like THAT.” Olivera at Wholly Craft pointed out that we do indeed have a streak of this and that it’s fine! Sometimes, you don’t like something not for lack of quality, just differing taste. It makes it easier when I can separate my self from my goods. We all have friends that we love that make things we don’t love.

Full Apron

What short-term goals do you have?

We just started working with a distributor that has a sales team. I’m so excited since I truly stink at that part. I LOVE talking to our retailers. That’s a very special relationship. People who buy our goods at wholesale to sell in their stores are making an investment in our company. I’m grateful for that. I like to ask questions and figure out what works for them so we can have a strong relationship. It’s getting in the door that gets me all jacked up! So our short-term goal is to get into a healthy sales rhythm with them.

Long-term goals?

Long-term, I’d like to figure out how to sustain the business and hire more makers. Heather works from home and I’d love to offer that to several other people. There can never be another Heather, but maybe she can have her own Heather!  I enjoy the business aspect of it and don’t get to spend as much time on it as I need to in order to make it grow.

Follow Amy D on Twitter: @madebyamyd