Who… Are… You?

Absolem, Alice in Wonderland

Recognizing who you are and what you stand for are sometimes the hardest parts of achieving success in any goal.

From my perspective, it’s also the notion that strategies to “finding yourself” often sound tedious… or traumatic. But I think I found a really helpful guide today.

Simple and fun, I learned this exercise from Catherine Lang-Cline, co-owner of Portfolio Creative and speaker at the 2013 Women’s Leadership Symposium.

Ready? Okay here goes.


Ask yourself two questions:

What did you know when you were 5? 

What do you know now?


That’s it. Not so bad, right? I’ll admit, you may have to dig a little deep, and sleep on the questions for a few nights, but the answers are there.

Catherine’s answers to these questions helped her create and solidify the vision for her business.

Here are two of Catherine’s answers, for example:


What did I know when I was 5?

I am bossy

I know my limits

What do I know now?

I am bossy / therefore I am a good leader

I know my limits / I can ask for help


See? Super, super, super simple.

The great thing about this exercise, is that it doesn’t apply to just business. This about knowing yourself. This about finding the motivating forces that drive your life’s ambitions.

Rae Reed loves writing about women and Columbus. Freelance writer, communications specialist and founder of OutLoud Magazine, Rae writes about her experiences, observations and research. Rae has a soft-spot for flowers, feminism and meaningful conversation. Follow her @RaeLivesOutLoud