Meet: Danielle Elias

Danielle Elias

Most rewarding part of your job? The grand scheme of things. We give a voice to those who don’t necessarily have it. If there’s one person having an issue with the system, like how they get paid, the media coverage helps them. It’s important to look at both sides, but being able to help is the most rewarding. They’re disenfranchised, and us doing a story alerts people, and all of the sudden, things change.


Danielle EliasWhat do you think young women can gain from viewing other women in leadership positions, like yourself? A sense of self-respect, a sense of empowerment, and to know they too can achieve success in whatever their goal is.


What was your craziest on-the-job experience? I haven’t had the YouTube moment, knock on wood. Quite often there are people who try to take advantage of the “live” experience, let’s put it that way.


What was it like to fly a plane? Awesome. I’m a huge fan of aviation, and to have experiences at Richenbacher and the Dayton Air Show, it’s a huge highlight of the career.


From personal experience, what is the key to success? Work hard. Show that you’re willing to learn, and willing to grow, and good things tend to come from that.


Danielle EliasUltimate goals, dreams, ambitions? That’s the interview question that I can never answer. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have ever imagined myself here, I was just beginning my news career at CNN at an entry-level position, so to predict the future is practically impossible.


How different are these ideas from when you were a child? I was never the kid with the tutu or firetruck. But I had an internship in high school where my boss said ‘whatever you do, whether it’s watching TV, playing video games, or doing math, be the best at it, and it will lead you to success.’


Danielle EliasWhat do you love about yourself? Physically, my smile. But I don’t get to use it often on air when telling hard news stories. Mentally, my sense of humor, and my passion for music and culture.


Biggest passions? Music: live music, local music, I sing opera so playing music, the creation of, the discussion of… I could go on for hours. And food. I’m a huge proponent of local restaurants with chefs who tap into local resources.


What in life have you struggled with, and how did you overcome? Every day is a struggle to improve upon myself. I always reflect on my work and how to improve, how to make it better and keep challenging myself.


Where do you go to find peace? The treadmill. *chuckles* Actually, music. Music tends to soothe the soul and improve on what may be a less-than fantastic day.


If you could tell women one piece of advice to remember forever, what would it be? Sounds rather cliche, but you can do whatever you put your mind to. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.


Danielle EliasWhat characteristics do you feel are important for women to possess? Inner strength, beauty, on the inside and out, intelligence, poise, charisma, awareness of surroundings.


And finally, how do you live OutLoud? I push my limits. Whether it’s in an airplane, on stage, with a microphone or at the gym. I’m always exploring life to its fullest, which makes me appreciate where we live that much more.