When did I know I had the power to be stronger than my mother?

Jessica Miller, 21, Marketing Coordinator, SBC Advertising

Jessica and Diane

“When did you know you had the power to be stronger than my mother”

I was12. I was again 14 and again 16.

Again at 19.

I believed I have the power to be stronger than my mother. That sounds terrible; I know. But it’s not like that. I watched my mother get cheated on, verbally and physically abused, mentally damaged, stalked, threatened and financially ruined from the men of her past. On so many occasions of witnessing this weakness, letting him back in our home night after night, I promised myself I would never let anyone, man or woman, treat me like she let others treat her. I had the power.

When I was 19 she was diagnosed with cancer. But not only was she going through the terrors of surgery and chemotherapy, she was also going through a sickening divorce. “God gave you cancer for a reason, you evil bitch!” He would scream right after a “You deserve to die!” and before a “You ruined my life with your cancer!” It was then I realized that my mother was stronger than me. I wanted to be strong because I couldn’t mentally take being the weaker person. But she could; she could let them  do whatever they needed to express their anger. She would retreat, put it in a little box in her heart and move on. Oppositely, I am a fighter and although we fight our battles in different ways, my mom is a fighter too. Always holding on just a moment longer to get through what she needs to.

I am 21. Mom is cancer-free and in a very happy relationship. Now we are powerful women together.